Find Your Scuba Dive is ready! What does that mean?

In the last weeks I’ve been building this website. A project started during the COVID-19 ‘crisis’ by an active diver with quite some spare time left after travel restrictions brought most parts of the world in a lockdown.

During my own, fairly short, diving ‘career’ which started about 2 years ago I experienced it hard to find a good overview of all dive schools, dive resorts and dive locations, therefore my aim is to make this website the ‘go-to’ platform for everything around diving.

As I’m personally living in Southeast Asia you’ll see that most content on this website is focused on the Southeast Asia region. But over time I will open up for all regions in the world.

Also, you’ll see the website changing a large number of times over time. My personal background is in Digital Marketing, so my aim is not just creating an overview of all dive locations but also to help all dive schools, resorts and shops to be easily found in Google.

As long as the website is ‘under construction’, adding your business will be for free. So go ahead and create an account and upload your business information for free!

So bookmark this website and follow our Instagram and Facebook for updates as well!